Unmanned Aircraft Requiring Registration

As a resource for owners of unmanned aircraft, we have put together a list of platforms that need to be registered under the FAA’s new online registration system. If your platform is on this list you will need to register with the FAA.

If your platform is not on this list, it does not mean that you are relieved of your duty to register your aircraft. This list is not to be construed as a complete list and will be updated as frequently as possible. If you see that a platform between .55 pounds (250 grams) and 55 pounds is missing from this list, please email us at contact@knowbeforeyoufly.org so we can be sure to include it.



>0.55lbs  &  <55lbs

3DR Aero 3D Robotics
3DR ArduCopter Quad C 3D Robotics
3DR IRIS 3D Robotics
3DR RTF Y6 3D Robotics
3DR X8 RTF 3D Robotics
3DR X8+ 3D Robotics
4Fly Natural Drones
Acrobat Minicopter Canada
AeroMapper Aeromao Inc.
Aeromapper TALON Aeromao Inc.
Align M690L ALIGN Corp., Ltd.
AR.Drone 2.0 Parrot
Aries Blackbird X10 (AIR-BBX10) Adorama Camera, Inc.
Astar PRO Astar Technology Co., Ltd.
Atlas-1 Quad Arch Aerial
ATTA Flat 6 Quadrocopter Canada
Bebop Drone Parrot
Bixler 2 Hobby King US, LLC.
BLADE 350 QX2 Horizon Hobby, Inc.
BLADE 350 QX2 AP Horizon Hobby, Inc.
BLADE 350 QX3 Horizon Hobby, Inc.
Bumblebee-S Shenzhen Shengtian Model Co., LTD
Cinestar 6 Freefly Systems
Cinestar 8 Freefly Systems
CineTank Mk. I Flying Cinema
CineTank Mk. I – L Flying Cinema
Cobra Thunder Tiger Corporation
CX-600 Aeronavics Ltd
CyPhy LVL 1 CyPhy Works, Inc.
Diabolo minicopter
Diabolo 800+ minicopter
Diabolo S minicopter
Draganflyer X4-C Draganfly Innovations, Inc.
E2 Micro-UAV Sierra Pacific Innocations
EI8HT RTF SteadiDrone
FALCON Sky Walker Technology Co., Ltd.
FireFLY6 BirdsEyeView Aerobotics
Flame Wheel F330 DJI
Flame Wheel F450 DJI
Flame Wheel F550 DJI
FLARE SteadiDrone
Formica X4 Quadrocopter Canada
Foxtech K130 V3 Foxtech Hobby Co., Ltd
FX79 Buffalo ZETA Science
Ghost Guangzhou EHang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
GHOST+ Thunder Tiger Corporation
H6X RTF SteadiDrone
Halo 4 Photo Higher
HexaCrafter HC-1100 HexaCrafter ltd.
HexaCrafter HO-1250 HexaCrafter ltd.
Hexakopter HiSystems GmbH
HexH2o QuadH2o
HEXO+ Squadrone System
Inspire 1 DJI
Joker 2 Minicopter Canada
LA100 Lehmann Aviation
Logo 400 MIKADO Model Helicopters GmbH
Logo 400 SE MIKADO Model Helicopters GmbH
Logo 500 MIKADO Model Helicopters GmbH
Logo 500 SE MIKADO Model Helicopters GmbH
Logo 600 MIKADO Model Helicopters GmbH
Logo 600 SE MIKADO Model Helicopters GmbH
Logo 700 Xxtreme MIKADO Model Helicopters GmbH
Logo 800 Xxtreme MIKADO Model Helicopters GmbH
Matrice 100 DJI
MAVRIK SteadiDrone
Maxi-Joker 2 Minicopter Canada
MiniDrone Parrot
Mini-Joker Minicopter Canada
Mongoose AirStar International
OCTO Arch Aerial
Oktokopter HiSystems GmbH
OktoXL HiSystems GmbH
Omnicopter Omnigo Limited
Penguin 1720 Finwing Technology
Phantom 1 DJI
Phantom 2 DJI
Phantom 2 Vision DJI
Phantom 2 Vision+ DJI
Phantom 3 DJI
Phantom FC40 DJI
Project X AquaCopters
Q500 Typhoon Yuneec USA
Typhoon 4K Yuneec USA
Typhoon G Yuneec USA
Quantum Nova FPV GPS Hobby King
QR X350 PRO Guangzhou Walkera Technology Co. LTD
QU4D RTF SteadiDrone
QuadH2o QuadH2o
Quadrokopter HiSystems GmbH
Quadshot Transition Robotics
RVJET FPV Flying Wing RangeVideo, LLC
Scorpion Tri-copter Flyingwings Ltd
Scout X4 Guangzhou Walkera Technology Co. LTD
Sealed Formica X4 Quadrocopter Canada
Sealed Formica X8 Quadrocopter Canada
Sentinel Spy Drone World Tech Toys
SIRIUS Sky Walker Technology Co., Ltd.
Sky Surfer Max X-UAV Aeromodelling Co., LTD
Skywalker Delta X-8 Sky Walker Technology Co., Ltd.
SKYWALKER1900 Sky Walker Technology Co., Ltd.
Snap Vantage Robotics
Solo 3D Robotics
Spade RiteWing RC LLC
Spy Sky-Hero
Spyder Sky-Hero
Spyder6 Sky-Hero
Super Hornet X650 Thunder Tiger Corporation
Syn-X8 HL Syndrones
TALI H500 Guangzhou Walkera Technology Co. LTD
Tarot 650 Tarot-RC
Tarot 680PRO Tarot-RC
Tarot FY690 Tarot-RC
Tarot T15 Tarot-RC
Tarot T810 Tarot-RC
Tarot T960 Tarot-RC
Tayzu Quadra Tayzu Robotics
Techpod Hobby UAV
The Pocket Drone AirDroids
Toruk AP10 AEE Technology Co., Ltd.
Triabolo minicopter
VAMP Bormatec
VM 4 Aeronavics Ltd
VM 6 Aeronavics Ltd
VM 8 Aeronavics Ltd
X PlusOne xCraft
X8C Venture Syma
X830-D Turbo Ace
X830-F Turbo Ace
Xcope XAircraft Pty Ltd
XL Hexokopter (MK Hexa XL) HiSystems GmbH
XM 6 Aeronavics Ltd
X-Star 3 Autel Intelligent Technology Corp., Ltd.
Zephyr II ARF RiteWing RC LLC
Zion Pro 520 Quadcopter enRoute RC
Zion Pro 700 Hexacopter enRoute RC
Zion Pro 800 Hexacopter enRoute RC

The following is a list of platforms that are under 0.55 lbs and do not require registration.

Platforms <0.55lbs Primary Organization
BLADE 180 QX HD Horizon Hobby, Inc.
BLADE 200 QX Horizon Hobby, Inc.
Blade FPV Nano QX Horizon Hobby, Inc.
BladeRunner Proxflyer AS
HyperLite Black Ops 275 Thrust-UAV LLC
QR Y100 Guangzhou Walkera Technology Co. LTD
X12S Nano Syma
ZANO Torquing Group, Ltd.
Zion4-330 enRoute RC
Zion4-450 enRoute RC